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Publish time:11-09-2021
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Town Map
Small-town naps are significant contributors towards maintaining a good geographical knowledge for local residents. A polished small town map is an essential prerequisite for maintaining optimal administrative functionality across the citizen services. The fundamental idea in exploring and designing a small town map is to assign the correct structure and size of various infrastructural, social and other cultural elements in a small town map. The layout has to be worked in such a way that all perspectives from engineering and historical viewpoints are used. The surroundings nicely adapt into towns and this is the point where the terrain has to be accurately represented in a small town map. For example, a large outcropping surrounding in a peninsula region should be denoted by rocky and broken lines on the small town map. Natural defences like the sea and cliffs should be placed in an adjacent position of the terrain in a small town map so as to indicate any land-based threats to the population. Large buildings need to be colour coded in a distinctive way in a small town map.
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Small Town Map