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Atomic Theory Timeline

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Published on 2021-11-19
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1. Introduction

Atoms are the particles present in the matter. Scientists considered that when a matter gets broken continuously, it will end with the smallest particle, which can not be further divisible. This smallest particle of matter is called an atom. The word atom has come from the word atmos, which means uncut. Many physicists put forward theories about the structure of atoms and molecules, contributing to the modifications of the Atomic theory. An individual can draw an Atomic Theory timeline diagram to understand the atomic theory modification.

2. What is a Atomic Theory Timeline
The development of the atomic theory occurred in multiple stages. In 1803, John Dalton put forward the solid sphere model. He stated that atoms are further indivisible, and the atoms of an element are the same. J. J. Thompson modified the theory and proposed the plum pudding model. As per the model, electrons are scattered around in the atom with a cloud of positive charge.
In 1911, Rutherford said, the atom's majority part was possibly blank with the positive charges accumulated at the center. Neil Bohr's theory about atoms in 1913 showed that the electrons stay in orbitals of fixed size and energy level. In 1926, Erwin Schrödinger denied Bohr's theory and stated, you can not confirm the location of electrons inside the atoms.
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Atomic Theory Timeline
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