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Job Provider ER Diagram

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Adams Cousins
Published on 2021-11-22
A Job Portal or Job Provider ER Diagram shows all the visual instruments of database tables and the relations between Registration, Interview, Employee, Call Letter, etc. As you will learn in the ER Diagram below, it uses structured data and to define the relationships between structured data groups of Job Portal System functionalities. As you will see in the Job Provider ER Diagram below, the primary entities of the Job Provider ER Diagram are employee, registration, job, interview, search, and offer letter. It is recommended that you use EdrawMax Online to create similar-looking ER Diagrams for your assignments. The free ER Diagram maker comes with various features, like templates, symbols, and the ability to export in multiple formats. The collection of free ER diagram templates ease your effort in making the diagram as required.
ER diagram
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Job Provider ER Diagram
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