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Published on 2021-11-24
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1. Introduction

Here is a collection of Plant icons. You can use them immediately and apply them to your diagrams and files. 

2. What is Plant Icon

Sun is a symbol that indicates where a houseplant can be planted. Direct sunlight should be avoided, as indicated by a caution triangle. Light is beneficial to plants (some like lots of it). However, certain plants are susceptible to direct sunlight or are in direct sunlight.

3. How to Use Plant Icon

It is simple to use the Christmas Holiday icons in EdrawMax, just follow the steps below, and turn the symbols and icons into yours.

Step 1: Duplicate the symbols
Click the "Duplicate" button, and start to use them;

Step 2: Open a file
When clicking the duplicate button, you can go to a new file, and the symbols or icons will appear in the left side of the canvas, which is the Symbol Libraries;

Step 3: Your Symbol Libraries
Once you use these symbols, the symbols and icons will become yours, and you can check or use them every time you open a new file or add symbols in your created files. 
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Plant Icon | EdrawMax Symbols
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