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Clearance Process Flowchart

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Khin Lynn Htet
Published on 2021-11-24
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Clearance Process Flowchart diagram illustrates how an application files for resignation at a company. The resignation form is then forwarded to the Head of Department, who then overview the resignation information and approve it to be overlooked by the HRD. The Human Resource Department manager then checks all the dues and payments and submits a clearance form later forwarded to the applicant. It should be noted here that a process flowchart is a diagram that shows the sequential steps of a process and the decisions needed to make the process work. 

Creating a process flowchart is very easy. First, you need to determine the primary components of the process, and then you need to understand the order of all the activities. Then you should check the symbols from the EdrawMax Online library. After assigning these symbols to the respective Activity, you need to connect them. Indicate the beginning and the end of the process so that it makes sense to the user.
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Clearance Process Flowchart
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