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Multiple Seating Plan

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Published on 2021-12-03
The following seating chart diagram depicts multiple seating chart options, like a round table of different sizes, oval tops where up to 14 people can sit comfortably if you go for a large size, a square top that can easily accommodate more than 12 people if the large size is chosen by the host, a rectangular top that can host up to 6 people if the smallest size is chosen. It should be noted here that a seating chart can visualize where people will sit in a given room or during an event. A seating chart can be used for personal events like weddings, corporate events, parties, and large-scale conferences or presentations. Use EdrawMax Online to create a free seating chart for your interior designing projects. The free seating chart maker has over 25 million registered users who are constantly updating the template community.
Seating Chart
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Multiple Seating Plan | EdrawMax Template
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