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The Evolution of Internet

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Captain O Captain
Published on 2021-12-10
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The following timeline diagram shows the evolution of the internet and technology. It also showed a general overview of how the internet grew and how technology was shaped since 1991, after the launch of the first web pages. In 1993, the first graphical browser Mosaic was introduced to the average customer. In 1998, Napster was created, and news of the President of the United States presidential scandal surfaced. Followed by the start of YouTube, Google search results, the launch of Snapchat, the launch of Apple iWatch, and others. Timelines can use any suitable scale representing time, suiting the subject and data; many use a linear scale, in which a unit of distance is equal to a set amount of time. Instead of using complex software that requires you to pay a hefty sum, you can use the free timeline maker EdrawMax that provides you 100% customizable free templates. After your editing, you can share these timeline diagrams in PNG, JPG, or PDG, or any other format deemed required from your side.
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