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Types of Algorithm

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Published on 2021-12-16
It is a pictorial representation of six of the most important types of algorithms. Let's discuss it below; Recursive algorithm: It recurs with a simpler subproblem and does some work to solve the simpler subproblem in a solution to the given problem. Divide and conquer algorithm: It divides the given problem into two (usually) or more sub-problems and finds their solutions. It then combines the solutions to find the answer. Dynamic programming algorithm: It remembers the results from past problems and uses them to find solutions to new situations. Greedy algorithm: A greedy algorithm divides a specific problem into different stages and finds the best solution to every step. Brute force algorithm: It explores every possibility and scenario until the best and most satisfactory solution is reached. Backtracking algorithm: It conducts different tests to see if a solution is found and if no solution is available, it looks for other choices and recurs until success or failure.
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Types of Algorithm
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