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Progress Doughnut Chart

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Published on 2021-12-24
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A progress doughnut chart is a visualization technique for showing progress over time. The progress doughnut chart displays the percentage of completion on a single metric. This chart shows actual performance in comparison with a predetermined schedule or estimate of expected performance. The progress doughnut chart can be used for measuring the performance of any goal or target. The following template has two doughnut charts and a dedicated space for comparison write up. This particular template has been drawn using EdrawMax online. All the dummy text is replaceable, even the background colour and you can easily change the percentage of the progress chart by editing the value, this intern changes the progress chart automatically. Instead of creating the progress chart from scratch, use EdrawMax online as it provides pre-defined templates, shapes, and figures which will help you create the progress chart with ease.
Doughnut chart
Doughnut graph
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Progress Doughnut Chart
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