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Fire Safety Symbols

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Published on 2021-12-24
Fire Extinguisher: This term refers to the location of a fire extinguisher. It could also include information about the extinguisher's audit. Flammable: Because there are numerous flammable compounds in labs, the term "flammable" is frequently used and important in lab safety symbols. It is critical to mark combustible items for safety reasons. No Open Flames: It is utilized in areas where things that can readily catch fire are present. Fuels, volatile liquids, and other chemicals fall under this category. Fire Blanket: A fire blanket is a piece of safety equipment that aids in the suppression of a fire. Fire Hose: It designates the location of the fire hose in the lab. Oxidizing Materials: Oxidizing materials can provide oxygen to combustible chemicals and chemical substrates. The lab crew must keep oxidizing and combustible materials at a safe distance. When working with oxidizing compounds, proper safety equipment is essential.
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Fire Safety Symbols
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