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MuSERA Cross Functional Flowchart

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Lisa Anderson
Published on 2021-12-31
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The participants' assessment methods comprised theoretical and practical tests, learner participation in the classes, assignments, and planning activities at the beginning and end of two months. The tests and learner participation were used as strategies to ensure the attention, participation, and attendance of students in the classes, as emphasized by P1: "When the student knows that there will be a test, he/she pays attention... it was more to attract their attention". Complementary, P3 reinforces that "we included attendance because many of them miss class and participation because many come to class and do not participate. We did the practical test because many of them skip classes. Concept maps are visual representations of information. They can take the form of charts, graphic organizers, tables, flowcharts, Venn Diagrams, timelines, or T-charts. Concept maps are especially useful for students who learn better visually, although they can benefit any type of learner.
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Cross Functional Flowchart
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MuSERA Cross Functional Flowchart
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