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Biology Carbon Cycle Concept Map

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Published on 2022-01-21
Biology is the study of the structure, function, heredity, and evolution of all living things-microorganisms, fungi, plants, and animals. Secondary education prepares you to be a high school teacher. You learn the curriculum and methods of teaching a specific subject, in this case, biology. The below chart shows different aspects of biology study, including the carbon cycle, human health, food quality, water quality, vaccines, immune system, antibiotics, infectious disease, pollution control, agriculture, soil quality, organic matter, plant pathogens, and others. As the below chart illustrates, the carbon cycle is nature's way of reusing carbon atoms, which travel from the atmosphere into organisms in the Earth and then back into the atmosphere over and over again. Most carbon is stored in rocks and sediments, while the rest is stored in the ocean, atmosphere, and living organisms.
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Biology Carbon Cycle Concept Map
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