KWL Example

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Published on 2022-01-25
There are three columns in a KWL chart. The first column is the K, which stands for what the students already know about the topic. The W is in the second column and stands for what the students want to know about the topic. Finally, the L (in the third column) stands for what the students have learned. Instead of using complex tools, try using a user-friendly tool known as EdrawMax Online. The free KWL maker is loaded with several free features, like templates, diagram elements, export/share option, and others. As the KWL example below suggests, the KWL chart is useful for completing the formative assessment in the classroom. It allows the teacher to find out the student's prior knowledge on a particular topic. From this knowledge, the teacher is then able to gear their lessons based upon this information.
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KWL Example
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