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LOTUS Diagram Template

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Published on 2022-01-25
The Lotus Diagram is drawn on regular paper or a digital sheet. Generally, the Lotus Diagram consists of 3 by three squares. These are known as blossoms and are arranged around the center of the blossom. You can either use complex tools or start working on EdrawMax Online, an all-in-one graphic designing software that comes with an abundance of features and export options. As shown in the below cell/DNA LOTUS Diagram, the middle square of each blossom contains the main concept, idea, or question. The other squares of the blossom are related to this. As stated, the Lotus Diagram can be used for various purposes, but it proves to be most effective in solving problems. Therefore, take an organizational problem as the basis and ensure that the right people are involved in the process.
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LOTUS Diagram Template
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