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Self Bubble Map

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Published on 2022-01-25
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A 'self' mind map was created by a working group member involved in the development of the cultural protocol, reflecting on each of the elements of the protocol: cultural humility, reciprocal respect, and acknowledgment, and how they link to personal work practices. This staff member described using the cultural protocols as a two-way learning tool to work towards meaningful outcomes—sharing, learning, and developing together to ultimately educate ourselves to ensure that we can ask the right questions when doing an evaluation. The bubble mind map has the purpose of describing content using adjectives. It is essential to utilize emotional, sensory, and logical characteristics when describing a topic or Concept. The bubble mind map is handy for developing vocabulary. Instead of making bubble maps with complex tools, use free bubble map makers like EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online. The free tool offers team collaborations, personal cloud space and supports multiple formats.
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Self Bubble Map
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