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Labeled Neuron Diagram

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Publish time:02-23-2022
The following labeled diagram shows the parts of a neuron. In order to make it more understandable to the students, we have added all the functions of the Neuron in the labeled diagram. The major parts of the Neuron are Dendrites, Cell Body, Cell Membrane, Axon Hillock, Node of Ranvier, Schwann Cell, Axon Terminal, Myelin Sheath, Axon, and Nucleus. In the colored Neuron labeled diagram, we see that Dendrites receive signals from other cells, Cell Body organizes and keeps the cell functional, Cell Membrane protects the cells, Axon Hillock generates impulses in the Neuron, Schwann Cell produces the myelin sheath, Axon Terminal forms junctions with other cells, Myelin Sheath increases the speed of the signal, Axon transfers signals to other cells and organs, and so on. Such labeled neuron diagrams are very important to give the students information.
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Labeled Neuron Diagram