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14 Pin Relay Wiring Diagram

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Published on 2022-02-23
The following image shows the 14 pin relay wiring diagram. It should be noted here that a relay is an electromagnetic switch with different rating voltage and amperes. In the following wiring diagram, we have two coil points and 12 other pins (commonly known as connection points). As illustrated below, four pins are common, four are normally closed, and four are normally opened. You can use such relays for different interlocking systems, controlling systems, switching systems, and more. After going through this 14 Pin Relay Wiring Diagram, you will be able to wire or easily install a 14 pin relay with a base. You can easily create a 14 pin relay wiring diagram using EdrawMax Online. The tool comes with all sorts of diagramming elements required to create such wiring diagrams.
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14 Pin Relay Wiring Diagram
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