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Lestrange Family Tree

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Published on 2022-02-28
As per the Lestrange Family Tree, the Lestrange family was among the oldest pure-blood wizarding families. As per the Lestrange Family Tree, the Lestranges were related to the Rosier, Black, Malfoy, Tonks, and Lupin families. Their family trees in the movie were depicted only the male descendants, whereas females were depicted as flowers without faces or names. Some of the famous members of the Lestrange family are Ermessende Lestrange, Fortuna Lestrange, Gaidic Lestrange, Radolphys Lestrange, F. Lestrange, R. Lestrange, Cyrille Lestrange, Corvus Lestrange I, Corvus Lestrange II, Falco Lestrange, Cyrille Lestrange, Fulcran Lestrange, Jodelle Lestrange, Sebastien Perrot (husband of Manon Lestrange), Berard Tremblay (husband of Leonie Lestrange), Laurene Lestrange, Clarisse Lestrange, (daughter of Leoni Lestrange and Bernard Tremblay), and Bellatrax Lestrange (wife of Rodolphus). Some also alleged that Bellatrix had an alleged relationship with the Dark Lord.
Family Tree
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Lestrange Family Tree
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