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3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram

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Published on 2022-03-03
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A simplified wiring scheme shows how the switch connects to other components, like a capacitor, motor, pull-switch, and more. At the same time, with a three-speed motor, hot voltage connects to the main winding at three different points, and only one point at a time receives the power. When voltage is applied to each point, the main winding is energized as the voltage from Black Hotwire completes the circuit with White neutral wire. As you can see from the 3-speed ceiling fan switch wiring diagram, each 3-speed fan switch has a small pull-chain sequence: off-high and medium-low. At the same time, each 3-speed fan switch has only one wire that connects to the Hotwire. With EdrawMax Online, creating such a wiring diagram is extremely easy as it comes with free built-in templates that ease your efforts.
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3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram
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