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Ford Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram

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Published on 2022-03-03
A ford ignition switch wiring diagram illustrates the push mechanism to start the engine. As you see here, some of the important connectors are Choke Switch, Key Switch, Choke Solenoid, Armature Plate, Starter, Port Motor, Starter Solenoid, and 12V Battery. As you see from the wiring diagram, all these are connected. Unlike the former ford engines, which required a key-push mechanism, with the help of a choke solenoid, the ignition now starts with a single push of a button. With the help of EdrawMax or EdrawMax Online, creating such complex wiring diagrams is very easy. Just head to the library section, and you will find all the required templates, symbols, and icons that you might require to create the wiring diagram.
circuit diagram
wiring diagram
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Ford Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram
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