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Sales Process Audit Flowchart

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Publish time:03-07-2022
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Sales Process Audit Flowchart has three major processes: Sales Clerk, Cash Receipts Clerk, and Accounts Receivable Clerk. It should be noted here that a flowchart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm. It uses boxes of different shapes to represent different types of instructions. These boxes are connected with arrow marks to indicate the flow of operations. Instead of creating a flowchart on some complex tools, you can use EdrawMax Online. It should be noted here that a sales audit — also referred to as a sales process audit — is a detailed analysis of a company's sales process. This entails reviewing everything from staff, software to strategy. Audits identify gaps and opportunities for your sales team to improve on. The free flowchart maker has a vector-based dashboard that ensures that the design remains intact even after you change anything.
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