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Precedence Diagram Method

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Published on 2022-03-09
Four relationships are used in the following precedence Diagram Method (PDM): Finish to Start (FS)-In this relationship, the next activity cannot start until the first is complete. This is the most common relationship in the AON diagram. In the Finish to Finish (FF), you cannot complete the next activity until the first is finished. Put simply, both activities should be finished simultaneously. Start to Start (SS) the next activity cannot be started until the first starts. Both activities should start simultaneously. Start to Finish (SF) you cannot finish the next activity until the first starts. Simply put, you cannot begin evacuating your old home until your new place is ready. Even though this link is uncommon in an AON network, you must be cognizant of all the interrelations. It will assist you in creating a network diagram and a project timetable.
precedence diagram
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Precedence Diagram Method
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