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French Revolution Timeline

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Published on 2022-04-06
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The French Revolution is a significant part of modern European history. It impacted the political scenario and the country's social and economic conditions.

The incident also removed the traditional Feudal system and monarchy. The unfavorable economic decisions taken by King Louis XIV enraged the citizens. The French Revolution indicated the power of citizens who would overthrow the Government. Though the aims with which the revolution started failed, it contributed to the history of Europe. The French Revolution began in 1789 and went on till 1799. Thus, making the French revolution timeline a complicated one.

Understand the French Revolution timeline

The fire of the French Revolution was ignited after the Estates-General Meet in May-June of 1789. The storming of Bastille in July 1789 followed the same. In August of the same year, there came the Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen. The Women's March to Versailles followed it. The condition culminated with the execution of Louis XIV in January 1793. The incident led to the Reign of Terror.

The Marie Antoinette execution happened in October of 1793. Robespierre's killing took place in 1974. The revolution took multiple turns as many participants found their agenda failing. The stability returned after Napoleon took power in 1799.

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Several incidents triggered the French Revolution. An individual making the French Revolution Timeline can also mark those events along with the main occurrences during the revolution. They can also create tiny bulleted points and put the incidents in the form of keywords.

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Important Tips

During the French Revolution, the economic and social conditions of the country also changed. To make the timeline informative, the user can also mention those socio-economic scenarios.


The French Revolution occurred for a long time and took almost a decade until Napoleon's power takeover. Therefore, creating a French Revolution timeline can be difficult, and the user may not get a satisfactory result while creating the French Revolution timeline diagram. The user must take the help of the EdrawMax Online tool. The tool has several high-quality templates which can allow an individual to create a perfect French Revolution timeline diagram.
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French Revolution Timeline
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