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Library Virtual Assistant Sequence Diagram

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Jessa Ramos
Published on 2022-05-09
Here is a Sequence Diagram for Library Virtual Assistant. It shows how students can search for a certain book after registering. In the discipline of software engineering, a sequence diagram or system sequence diagram (SSD) depicts object interactions in time sequence. They characterize interactions between classes as a series of messages exchanged over time. They are also known as event diagrams. A sequence diagram is an effective tool for visualizing and validating various runtime scenarios. These can assist forecast how a system will act and identify responsibilities that a class may need to have while modeling a new system. Business people and software engineers frequently use sequence diagrams to describe and understand requirements for new and current systems. Use this template to learn how to design a sequence diagram for Library Virtual Assistant in EdrawMax.
sequence chart
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Library Virtual Assistant Sequence Diagram
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