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Fashion Product Shop ER Diagram

Publish time:05-11-2022
This is a sample of Fashion Product Shop ER Diagram. It shows the relationship between product categories and colors by using ER diagram. ER Diagram is a flowchart that depicts how things such as people, things, or concepts interact inside a system. ER Diagrams are mostly used in software engineering, corporate information systems, education, and research to build or troubleshoot relational databases. They are also known as ERDs or ER Models, and they employ a predefined collection of symbols such as rectangles, diamonds and connecting lines to illustrate the interconnectivity of entities, relationships, and their properties. They replicate grammatical structure, with things acting as nouns and connections acting as verbs. Edit this diagram, interact with others, and export results to many image formats with EdrawMax's simple online diagram editor.
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Fashion Product Shop ER Diagram