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Business Layer Architecture

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Published on 2022-05-27
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What is a Business Layer Architecture template?

The Business Layer contains all of the business/domain logic or rules that are specific to the problem that the program was designed to solve. This might include pay calculations, data analysis modeling, or process, such as moving an order through multiple phases.

It includes all categories associated with the presentation layer. The business layer is responsible for business logic. The persistence layer is responsible for functions such as object-relational mapping. The database layer is where all of the data is kept.

Benefits of Business Layer Architecture template

The business layer acts as an intermediary between the display layer and the persistence layer, where data is separated into pieces. This logic layer assists in identifying data patterns and categorizing them based on the patterns in the data. Because each layer's role is distinct from the other levels, there is less reliance. Because of the distinct components, testing is simplified; each component may be tested independently.

How to create a Business Layer Architecture template?

Step 1: Entity Framework Core is used to connect to the database. We need to construct a connection between the information and the app once we get the database.

Step 2: In this layer, access your Package Manager interface, perform a Scaffolding command, and then change SERVER, DATABASE, USER, and PASSWORD with proper parameters based on your SQL Server configuration.

Step 3: Generic interfaces for Repository and UnitOfWork to be created. All data entities should have CRUD activities; thus, let's construct an IRepository generic interface.

Step 4: Create an interface for the service on which the Presentation layer is reliant since we do not want to constrain the Presentation layer and Business Logic layer with a particular implementation.

Tips for creating a Business Layer Architecture template

To host your application, launch IIS and select Create Website. For the Content Directory section, enter a name, a particular port, and a physical path to the source code folder. Check the box next to "Start website instantly." Download this business layer architecture diagram from EdrawMax and start working on it as per your company's requirements.
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Business Layer Architecture
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