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TOGAF Business Architecture

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Published on 2022-05-27
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What is a TOGAF Business Architecture template?

As of 2020, the Open Group Architecture Framework is the most widely used framework for enterprise architecture, providing a method for developing, planning, executing, and regulating an enterprise software architecture. TOGAF is a high-level design methodology.

Benefits of TOGAF Business Architecture template

TOGAF, like other IT management frameworks, assists firms in aligning IT goals with broader company goals while also assisting in the organization of cross-departmental IT operations. TOGAF assists organizations in defining and organizing requirements prior to the commencement of a project, allowing the process to go swiftly and with minimal mistakes.

According to the Open Group, TOGAF is designed to: ensure that everyone speaks the same language, minimize lock-in to proprietary solutions by standardizing on open methodologies for business architecture, save time and money, and more efficiently employ resources.

How to create a TOGAF Business Architecture template?

Step 1: To open the ADM cycle, double-click Preliminary Phase.

Step 2: Each TOGAF ADM phase demands you to do specific actions in order to produce some deliverables. The actions that must be completed are depicted in the process diagram as a set of related activity shapes. The flow is represented by the arrow connections.

Step 3: They give instructions and examples for all of the processes to assist you in completing the tasks effectively. It is advised that you read them before taking any action.

Step 4: When you're ready, go to the Perform Action section and click the action button Impacted Organization Units.

Tips for creating a TOGAF Business Architecture template

You can produce the deliverable once you've performed all of the operations in a (deliverable) lane. To create a TOGAF ADM deliverable, just double-click the document shape on the appropriate shoulder of the road. Then provide a file name and confirm. The information entered is presented in a document. The images below depict the appearance of a created deliverable. It comprises the diagrams and forms you created and filled up, as well as the pre-populate.

Download this business architecture diagram template today and start using it for your company's business documentation.
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TOGAF Business Architecture
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