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Ux Affinity Diagram

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Published on 2022-05-27
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What is the Ux affinity template?
In most cases, affinity templating in UX consists of two steps: Making the sticky notes (A). Team members write down thoughts or data on separate sticky notes in this stage. The facilitator and observers each record observations, discoveries, or ideas on one sticky note during a usability session.
Affinity template is particularly effective for examining qualitative data or observations since they help arrange information into groupings of comparable elements. Understanding your consumers' demands might be difficult when it comes to UX.

Benefits of creating the Ux affinity template:
After each user, it assists the team in gaining a shared understanding. It reminds team members of what they witnessed while their memories are still fresh, which can aid in future conversations and observation of future test sessions. If your team members take a lot of notes, it could be speedier in the end. It allows you to rapidly summarize findings when making design changes between user tests, such as for fast prototype testing with early design iterations.

How to create the Ux affinity template?
Choose a room with walls that can be covered with sticky notes (e.g., glass or whiteboard). If the walls are not tape-friendly, use easels or tape flip-chart paper to the walls and place the notes on top.
Enlist some assistance just before the meeting to put all of the notes on the wall, in no particular sequence.
Consider naming a few categories to get the sorting process started. Search, global navigation, homepage, legibility, footer, and page layout are some of the most frequent categories for web pages. Place these category names high on a blank wall so that several notes can fit beneath them.
For remarks that aren't clear, add a "?" category name.
On a table, place several pens or markers, as well as blank sticky note pads.

Tips for creating the Ux affinity template:
Participated in all or part of the usability testing or design workshop. It has an interest in the design that was tested, as well as any future alterations to that design. The important points should be written on flipchart paper so that everyone can see them. Take pictures of the surfaces. The stickies are frequently tumbling down at this point, signaling the conclusion of the conference.
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Ux Affinity Diagram
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