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Amazon Web Services Sdk Diagram

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Published on 2022-05-30
The AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 is the rewrite of v2 that includes some exciting new features. It allows you to work with Amazon Web Services the same way that version 2 did, but it has a modular architecture with a separate package for each service. It also includes many popular features, such as first-class TypeScript support and a new middleware stack. If you're starting a new project with the AWS SDK for JavaScript v3, you can look at AWS-SDK-js-notes-app, which shows how to call multiple AWS Services in a note-taking application. If you migrate from v2 to v3, please visit our self-guided workshop, which builds a basic version of a note-taking application using the AWS SDK for JavaScript v2 and provides step-by-step migration instructions.
aws diagram
architecture diagram
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Amazon Web Services Sdk Diagram
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