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Free Editable Listing Presenataion Template

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Published on 2022-06-09
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What is a Listing Presentation Template?

An interview with a seller to represent him in a real estate transaction is a Listing Presentation Template. You should use compelling slides that demonstrate why you are the best agent for the transaction to impress the homeowner and win the listing. A listing presentation will typically begin with an interview to set expectations and get to know the owner.

A listing presentation is a great opportunity to talk about your brokerage, inspire trust, and introduce yourself. Describe their values or some impressive numbers briefly. Displaying local market data will be extremely beneficial to the homeowner, but it will also establish you as an expert on the subject. Show some historical pricing trends, the number of sales per season, etc.

What Includes in the Listing Presentation Template?

The best real estate Listing Presentation Template begins with a brief overview of who you are, what you do, and your track record of success. You should avoid hard-selling your services. Instead, demonstrate that "others" already believe you are that good. Include a separate slide highlighting your most recent key accomplishments (personal or agency-wide).

Your real estate presentation should address how you will accomplish this. You can also sweeten the deal by including a few "promos," such as a list of special circumstances under which you will accept a lower commission or pitch them on some bundled promotions your agency currently offers.

Preparation before making Listing Presentation Template

Ensuring all of the required information for your listing presentation template is one of the most important aspects of marketing your property. Keep in mind that great photography and videography can help you create the best real estate listing presentations. If your real estate agent has a marketing brand, you are one of those blessed ones. Request photographs, videos, and color palettes that correspond to the branding. The best way to learn about a house is to talk to the people who live in it, including the realtor. They are experts on what features may appeal to prospective buyers, so take advantage of their knowledge.
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Free Editable Listing Presenataion Template
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