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Data Flow Diagram Example

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Published on 2022-08-05
This data flow diagram example depicts the information flow for any process or system. It shows data inputs, outputs, storage points, and the routes between each destination using symbols such as rectangles, circles, and arrows, as well as short text labels. This data flow diagram example can range from simple, even hand-drawn process overviews to comprehensive, multi-level DFDs that delve progressively deeper into how data is handled. They can be used to model an existing system or to analyze an existing one. A DFD, like all the best diagrams and charts, can frequently visually "say" things that are difficult to explain in words, and they work for both technical and non-technical audiences, from developers to CEO. Download EdrawMax today and create a different data flow diagram to visualize complex problems.
data flow diagram
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Data Flow Diagram Example
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