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Insect Dichotomous Key

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Publish time:08-05-2022
dichotomous key
This insect dichotomous key is a tool for determining the species of a particular insect. Insect keys are typically designed as dichotomous, or paired, couplets. A couplet is a decision between two options based on a description of a specific feature. Insect size and antennae shape are two examples. A user selects the option that best matches the insect being identified. This decision results in another couplet. The procedure is repeated until the user comes to a final couplet that identifies the insect. To use the key effectively, the user should be familiar with insect morphology. A dichotomous key to adult insects is commonly associated with stored grain in Canada. A comprehensive key to adult beetles found in stored products such as grain in Canada and worldwide. Download EdrawMax right away and create some wonderful dichotomous key diagrams that you can easily share with your class.
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Insect Dichotomous Key