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PFD for Solid Biofuel Production

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Njoki Mercy
Published on 2022-09-06
A process flow diagram illustrating the production of solid biofuel from biodigester begins with the collection of organic and waste material for processing. This matter is then subject to anaerobic digestion, in which bacteria decay and break down waste. The biogas produced from this process is separated into components, such as methane and carbon dioxide, after which any remaining solids are passed through a drying stage prior to the final fuel pellet extrusion or briquette. Finally, the solid biofuel produced is weighed, bagged according to quantity, and stored until needed for burning. With EdrawMax, you can easily download this template and customize it as per your requirements. At the same time, EdrawMax helps in sharing such templates with your peers on social media platforms.
Process Flow Diagram
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PFD for Solid Biofuel Production
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