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Crawford Office Layout

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Sandrene Bryan
Published on 2022-10-17
The Crawford Office Layout was designed to maximize productivity and collaboration while ensuring social distancing. It uses a hybrid approach that takes advantage of both open-plan office designs and enclosed spaces. Every area in the office is made up of separate functional units, such as individual desks or cubicles, conference rooms, collaborative areas, reception desks, and storage spaces, all arranged around the perimeter of the office space. This design allows employees to move easily between work areas while maintaining physical distance and prevents overcrowding. The layout also incorporates natural light and other features designed to optimize comfort levels and enhance productivity. EdrawMax is the best diagramming tool that helps in creating different diagrams, as mentioned here. With EdrawMax, you can create flowcharts, swimlane, network diagrams, and 280 other diagrams.
Office Layout
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Crawford Office Layout Example
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