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BPMN Book Borrowing Process

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Published on 2022-11-09
The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) Book Borrowing Process involves a series of activities that collectively form the entire cycle of borrowing books. This process encompasses interacting with library patrons, placing holds on requested books, retrieving them from the shelves, connecting patrons to resources outside the library, checking out and returning books, as well as verifying patron registration. Ultimately, this process aids in tracking loaned books while providing an illustrative roadmap of the steps involved from start to finish. Borrowing books is a straightforward process that involves collecting the necessary materials, selecting the book you wish to borrow, and completing paperwork. First, you will need to provide your library’s membership card or ID card, as well as proof of address. Once you have these documents, simply select the book you want from the library shelves and take it to the circulation desk. Use EdrawMax to download this template. Post template customization, EdrawMax lets you export the design into multiple formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG, HTML, and more.
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BPMN Book Borrowing Process
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