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Library Management System

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Published on 2022-12-11
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University libraries The aims of university libraries are to provide scientific study and research opportunities, to produce information and technology, to disseminate scientific data, to support national development, to become an outstanding member of the scientific world by cooperating with domestic and foreign institutions, and to contribute to universal and contemporary development. University libraries are institutions that support the university's teaching, research and dissemination efforts, develop and progress continuously, enrich with new publications, and monitor the latest data of science.[2] It is often used by university lecturers, research assistants and students.Public libraries are “libraries that are established and financed locally or in some cases by the central-public administration or another institution on its behalf and open to anyone who wants to use them without discrimination” [3] “The type of library that has the oldest organizational type in our country is public libraries. The concept of public library started to be used in the Republican Era”[40] Public libraries help people to educate themselves throughout their lives, make use of their spare time, and deliver all kinds of local, national and international registered information; It has aims such as conveying and protecting the literary heritage of humanity to future generations, and increasing motivation in production.[41] Public libraries contain various services and units such as mobile libraries and children's libraries.
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Library Management System
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