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SIPOC Diagram for Coffee Shop

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Cristine Joy Galang
Published on 2023-03-07
A SIPOC Diagram is a tool used in process improvement when studying management and operations. Its purpose is to outline all the Suppliers, Inputs, Processes, Outputs, and Customers involved in a particular process. It’s useful for helping to identify areas of improvement within the system by showing where potential targeted issues can be found. Taking a coffee shop as an example, some of the potential SIPOC components could include suppliers (coffee bean manufacturers), inputs (beans and equipment), processes (roasting and grinding beans), outputs (brewed coffee), and customers (coffee drinkers). With EdrawMax, one can easily create similar diagrams. EdrawMax also allows exporting such detailed diagrams in multiple formats, including Graphics and Office.
SIPOC Diagram
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SIPOC Diagram for Coffee Shop
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