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Country Infographic

Publish time:10-09-2021
This is an education infographic. It can be used to show the progress and growth in various parts of a country. The first section can be used to explain the different features to measure growth in a country such as an increase in GDP, reduction in poverty, increase in per capita income, industrial growth, etc. This section also has percentages with factors so that can be used to show the increase or decrease in these factors. The next section can be used to show various parts of the country. Below are multiple progress circle charts, one for each part. It can be used to show overall growth in that area. The last part is two bar charts that can be used to show percentage increase in various growth factors in past and present. This will help compare either the country is going in the right direction. The layout is perfect for the topic. This infographic can be used by teachers to help explain to students about a country and its growth in various of its areas.
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