What is Business Strategy
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What is Business Strategy

What is Business Strategy?


Business strategy is not corporate strategy (which asks the question of what to do, and how to manage what you don't do).


Identify your competitive advantage and focus all your energy and resources on one, or a very few, pivotal objectives which will lead to a cascade of positive outcomes.


Simplify the chaos of options and prioritization functions so that everyone involved has a clear understanding of what the goal is.


The development, execution and maintenance of critical business assets that help a business achieve its long-term goals.

publish time: 2020-09-14
Lisa Anderson

The strategy is one of those all-purpose yet amorphous words that many people love to use and misuse, especially in a business context. Go through this diagram and see the different definitions of "business strategy." This example is made in EdrawMax. If you need to clarify some concepts visually, try to create such a diagram in EdrawMax. It is very easy to learn and use.

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