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We have optimized the team space for a better use experience.

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We have designed a brand new workbench.
We have simplified the workbench so you can locate the templates you want.
We have optimized the team space for a better use experience.
The new AI3.0 function is online!
Where can I use the AI3.0 function?
  • Top bar of the home page: Quickly evoke the AI function.
  • AI function area at the top of the edit page: All AI functions are displayed here.
  • Right panel of the edit page: here you can send your instructions to the AI.
AI Diagramming:
  • AI Timeline: Record and display the order in which events occurred.
  • AI Lean Canvas: Helps founders and entrepreneurs better understand their products or services.
  • AI User Portrait Diagram: Understand and grasp your target users more accurately.
  • AI User Story Mapping: Quickly understand the usage scenarios, purpose and experience of user needs.
  • AI SWOT Diagram: With only one click, user can generate a SWOT diagram with a certain subject.
  • AI PEST Diagram: Use AI tool to generate a PEST diagram in a second.
AI Analysis:
  • Flowchart Analysis: Flowchart Detection, Flowchart Description, Flowchart Refinement.
  • Gantt Chart Analysis: project overview, project progress, risk identification, project experience sharing.
  • Chart Analysis: data comparison, abnormal identification, summary summary, trend prediction.
  • Organization Chart Analysis: Organizational Analysis, Organizational Diagnosis.
  • Continued Conversation: After opening continued coversation, AI will remember the previous chat records.
  • Text Generated Diagram: The returned text answer supports one-click direct generation of drawings.
AI Drawing:
  • AI Drawing: Input a sentence to generate a painting, you can choose from various styles of painting.
[New] AI smart assistant
  • AI smart assistant is a chat robot that is popular all over the world. It can help expand your thinking, create text according to the questions you input, and insert the text generated drawing into the canvas after creation.
  • Method 1: Enter a sentence, AI will generate a creative drawing for you.
  • Enter instructions → execute instructions → complete the drawing (mind map, list, text box)
  • Method 2: Select a sentence, AI will generate brainstorm content for you
  • Select the shape → right-click shortcut menu → AI intelligently generate content
[New] OCR image text extraction: Upload a picture, the text in the picture can be extracted through OCR recognition, and the text can be directly applied to the canvas.
[New] Drawing types, symbols and templates:
  • Crime scene diagram: the investigator can use the templates and symbols provided in EdrawMax to make a flat copy of the crime scene. Click on [House Plans - Crime scene Diagrams] to use
  • ArchiMate: A visual business analysis model that can be used to integrate various types of architecture. Click on [Software and Database - Software - ArchiMate] to use
[New] Insert Plug-in:
  • Iconfont: Alibaba icon library
  • Pixabay: High-quality image library
[New] Piping P&ID symbols:Multi-node adjustable piping P&ID symbols to make expand/collapse easier
[Optimization] Gantt charts:
  • Improved Gantt charts UI
  • Manage Gantt chart columns
  • Set an unlimited of exception dates
  • Copy Gantt columns
  • Improved calendar units in shape view
[Optimization] Aligning shapes - support:When two shapes align, a fluorescent line appears to help align shapes quicker
1. Supports importing Visio formats, including .vsdx and .vsd formats.
1. Online Support: You can consult online customer service for questions.
2. Hyperlink: Supports the insertion of cloud files.
3. The ones with yellow diamond cursor are adjustable variable symbols, and now you can drag the cursor to change the shape freely.
1. All-New User Interface.
2. New Batch Replacing Photos: Photos can now be replaced with one-click drag and uploaded in organizational charts.
3. Updated Smart Shapes: Once created, the smart shape layout type can be adjusted.
4. Bug fixes and improvements.
1. A mini toolbar helps you draw diagrams faster.
2. Hover over the mini toolbar and drag as the pointer style changes to place the mini toolbar anywhere on the canvas.
3. Click the "Collapse" button to collapse the mini toolbar, and click again to expand it.
4. Click the "Setting" button to manage all right side panels.
5. Find the "Layer" menu on the footer of the workspace.
6. Updated Coordinate Axis Function-Hide or show the coordinate axis at will in graphs.
1. Greatly Improve the opening speed for the software.
2. EdrawMax Template Community: brand new UI, powerful full-text search, and build connections with creators.
3. New Feature: the dark mode is coming!
4. New Feature: add new 100+ high-quality templates.
5. New Feature: update libraries for icons and clipart.
6. New Feature: support visualizing roadmaps, project timelines, user researchers, risk management, and course learning.
7. New Feature: update symbols of org charts, project timelines, calendars, Gantt charts, lists, and matrices.
8. New Feature: support inserting images in org chart symbols directly.
9. New Feature: supporting drawing junctions in electrical diagrams.
10. New Feature: support pressing the F4 key to repeat a command many times.
11. Fixed some other known issues.
1. Optimize connection line style setting logic to support setting default connection line styles.
2. Optimize text style setting logic to support setting default text styles.
3. New Feature: support setting up styles of chart axis labels and legend labels.
4. New Feature: support adding multiple text columns in Gantt chart.
5. New Feature: support removing the background when exporting to images.
6. New Feature: add network proxy settings to make EdrawMax visit the Internet in special network proxy.
7. Fixed some other known issues.
1. Add "Historical Versions" for viewing and restoring previous versions of files in your Edraw account (sign-in required).
2. Enhance file recovery function to effectively secure files.
3. New Feature: double-click on the vector text and edit.
4. New Feature: right-click on the desktop and create a new EdrawMax file.
5. New Feature: support to center and print documents.
6. New Feature: export PDF documents only with selected shapes.
7. New Feature: support to zoom the canvas on the focus mode.
8. New Feature: wrap the text in the shapes of organization charts.
9. New Feature: optimize the process of saving cloud documents and visualize the process of uploading documents.
10. New Feature: support to find the text and highlight it in specific locations.
11. More Supports: Integrate Customer Service Chatbot in the Help menu.
12. More Supports: add “Account Center” on the home page, where users can see version information, check for updates, etc.
13. Fixed some other known issues.
1. Brand new UI for Home Page and add the Recommended tab and Recent tab to quickly get started.
2. New Feature: Support converting your diagrams into personal templates.
3. New Feature: Add focus mode to help you focus on diagramming in EdrawMax.
4. New Feature: Support to change the style of your diagram with the auto-formatting tool and replace the colors in batch.
5. New Feature: Support to add exception days in Gantt charts.
6. More Supports: Add a new help center to provide the entrance for what's new, diagram tips, video tutorials, etc.
7. Fixed some known crashes and other problems.
1. Decrease web page load times of the cloud document and template community.
2. New Feature: Insert text and choose whether to keep source formatting or keep text only.
3. New Feature: Open multiple EdrawMax documents at once.
4. New Feature: Right-click on the tab and open the menu to achieve multiple operations.
5. New Feature: Add the smart connection mode for creating flowcharts and connecting symbols. (Navigate to [File] > [Option] > [General])
6. New Feature: Support to add the main title and snap& glue separators on swimlane diagrams.
7. New Feature: Move the wall and show the dimension in real-time.
8. New Feature: Auto-calculate the area of the space (the symbol) in floor plans.
9. New Feature: Hold down the Alt key and avoid selecting the underlying symbols of the diagram.
10. New Feature: Drag the taskbar or completion bar from the right side of the Gantt chart and display data in real-time.
11. Redesign the space setting option in the right Organizational Chart pane and add shortcuts for creating org charts.
12. Optimize the display of the label at the bottom of the chart, which can automatically match the text direction according to the width.
13. Add the hover effect in the pre-made template gallery.
14. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
15. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. New Feature: Automatically zoom in the canvas when you edit the text as the zoom level is less than 100%. (Navigate to [File] > [Option] > [General])
2. New Feature: Automatically resize the height of the symbol or text block when you are typing text. (Navigate to [File] > [Option] > [General])
3. Gantt Chart: You can adjust the row height now.
4. Mind Map: You can preview the themes when the cursor is over the theme thumbnail.
5. Mind Map: You can add subtopic by the Tab key.
6. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
7. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. New Feature: You can share diagrams with others via links; anyone with the link can view or be allowed to edit the diagram online.
2. New Feature: Remember the export resolution of the previous image to avoid repeated operations.
3. New Feature: Quickly switch the bottom color bar mode, and you can instantly change the color of fill, line, and text.
4. Connector: You can use freeform connentors and draw any type of connector as you like.
5. Mind Map: Update the pre-made mind map theme.
6. Floor Plan: Show connection points when you attach one wall to the other walls.
7. Gantt Chart: Change the style of priority in Gantt charts.
8. Menu: Optimize the Home menu layout and change the positions of some buttons.
9. Select Object: Optimize the highlighting effect when you select one page or change the theme.
10. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
11. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. Cloud Document: You can view browsing history of your cloud documents.
2. Text Block: Remove sample text in blank text blocks.
3. Add prompts for the wrong operation of connection lines.
4. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
5. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. Beginner's Guide: Learn how to use EdrawMax quickly with the built-in user guide.
2. Symbol Library: Import files with .VSSX extension into EdrawMax, and create your own symbol library. Learn More >>
3. Presentation: Add the Presentation pane on the right side, and you can create or add slides as you like.
4. Timeline: Quickly insert different types of timelines from the Insert tab.
5. Press Space bar + left or right mouse click, and you can drag the canvas freely.
6. Add the formula editor (EdrawMath) under the Insert tab.
7. Theme & Style: Add new themes and change fill colors at the bottom of the interface.
8. Org Chart: Find buttons and options for making org charts in the Organizational Chart pane.
9. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
10. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. You can see the Timeline pane when you use timeline shapes.
2. The connectors between shapes will be split into 2 new lines when you insert another shape.
3. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
4. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. You can have access to the template gallery to get inspired in EdrawMax.
2. You can register/sign in to an Edraw account and save the drawing files in the personal cloud.
3. Add a user guide for beginners to learn how to use EdrawMax instantly.
4. Add operation tips when you start to make flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, swimlane diagrams, or use smart shapes.
5. Symbol Library: now you can import symbols of the VSSX file format.
6. Theme & Style: Add new themes and change fill colors at the bottom of the interface.
7. Theme & Style: When you modify the quick style of the whole diagram, the font size of the text will be unaffected if you have changed the size before.
8. Theme & Style: Change the style of the connection point.
9. Pin context menus on the interface.
10. Double-click on the blank area to add a text box on the canvas.
11. Add the formula editor under the Insert tab.
12. Copy and paste any content between the desktop and online version of EdrawMax.
13. Export shape data from the Data Properties pane.
14. Zoom the canvas from 10% to 1000%
15. Gantt Chart: Add the functions of displaying delay tasks and critical paths.
16. Gantt Chart: Show or hide all subtasks.
17. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
18. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. Password Protection: Add a password to your file with Encrypt File; modify and remove the password easily. Learn More >>
2. Custom Symbol Library: Build your own symbol library by importing the new symbols or add the existing symbols directly. You can search symbols on your own symbol library now. Learn More >>
3. Symbol Library: Add the feature of "Always open this library for new file" to pin your commonly-used symbol libraries on the top positions of the library pane.
4. Symbol Library: Switch among different documents without changing the collapsed/open states of the symbol libraries in each document.
5. Swinlane Diagram: Add a new swimlane that will snap and glue to another lane automatically; change the colors of the titles, lanes and the borders in a swinlane diagram. Learn More >>
6. Insert Image: Select multiple pictures/images and insert them into a file.
7. Container: See the border of a container turns green when you want to add shapes into the container.
8. Image Container: Add Image Container under General symbol library. This kind of symbol allows you to drag images into it, which will be easy for you to create relationship diagrams and family trees. Learn More >>
9. Chart & Graph: Use the Rotate feature on the Chart pane to rotate the text on the horizontal (category) axis by any degree.
10. Theme: Add 10 different theme colors.
11. Print: Fix the issue that starting the software is very slow when you can't connect to a network printer.
12. Circular Diagram: Able to see the floating buttons and menus on each layer of a circular shape.
13. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
14. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. You can insert images and clip art into mind map symbols, and change the shape of the symbol.
2. You can rearrange order of your document tabs (Drag and drop a tab to a different location).
3. You can see a prompt when exporting a file.
4. When you select 5 different symbols (wall, swimlane, entity, table unit in UML diagram, matrix in container), the related task pane will appear.
5. Fix some bugs and crash issues that might happen in certain situations.
6. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. Support to customize keyboard shortcuts.
2. Add Genogram and its templates under Science and Education section.
3. Show Recently Used Colors in color swatches panel.
4. Show Recently Used Font in font panel.
5. Support to import and export data in CSV format for tables.
6. Improve search accuracy in symbol libraries.
7. Add the option of Show Symbol Names.
8. Fix the hyperlink display issue in Gantt charts.
9. Corrections and improvements in many small details.
1. Speed up searching from the symbols library.
2. Now you can customize the shapes and branches of mind maps.
3. Now you can curve text around a circle.
4. Fix some bugs.
5. Add new templates for the circuit diagram, the chemical chart, etc.
1. The newest UI is a pretty drastic change compared with its past versions.
2. The new floating button makes it easier to create flowcharts.
3. Add new features of forms - import/export Excel files seamlessly.
4. Now you can create smart shapes as you like.
5. Floor plan - the new feature makes it more flexible to connect wall.
6. Mind map - brand new themes, icons, and process steps.
7. Now you can create a container (a special shape that visually groups together logically-related shapes on the page).
8. Now you can export your document into multiple PDF files (by page ranges defined).
9. Add new types of diagrams - analysis canvas, funnel diagrams, roadmaps, customer journey maps, calendar plans, goal setting worksheets, and so on.
10. Add new UI color themes - freely change the default blue color of the UI to another colors like purple or gray.
11. Optimize the functionality of connector lines so that you can connect the different shapes from any point on the outline of any shapes.
12. Add the shortcut "F8" - press "F8" to switch to continuous drawing mode when using the basic tools (shape, connetor, and text).
13. Add new feature - format painter for text.
14. Add reminders when you forget to save the modified files.
15. You can choose to zoom in/out centering on the mouse position.
16. Optimize the function of exporting images - you can remove margins.
17. Optimize the function of the library - you can fold/unfold more than one library at the same time.
18. Speed up searching, opening, saving, and copying files.
19. Improve the compatibility with Visio files.
20. Improve the quality when you click "Fit to Drawing" of a floor plan.
21. You can customize and save the quick access toolbar.
22. Improved the shape data accuracy.
23. Improve the quality of printing on A4 paper.
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