Popular Marketing Tricks

Popular Marketing Tricks

Popular Marketing Tricks

The Decoy Effect

presents consumers with a third, less desirable option – the decoy

False Visual Appearances

To make some products like burgers and even vegetables more appealing

The Framing Effect

Framing the content in a way that makes it seem more positive

The Gruen Effect

disorient visitors, slowing them down with the goal of increasing their impulse purchases

The Illusion Of Scarcity

desire something if it’s only available in limited quantities

Pricing Psychology (Odd-Even Pricing)

priced $4.99, 4.97 or 4.95 instead of just saying it costs $5.00

Loss Aversion

people would much rather avoid a loss than gain something

publish time: 2020-09-14
Lisa Anderson

Here we list some popular marketing tricks that people aren't usually aware of. You may find some of the tricks are very common in our life. You can now modify the example in your EdrawMax and add more details to fit your needs.

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