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Published on 2020-09-15
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In its most basic form, kinship refers to the blood connections that exist between people. On that note, a Kinship chart is the instrument used to demonstrate kinship. Because their functions are nearly identical, this thorough chart is related to genealogy and family tree charts.

1. What is Kinship Chart

Kinship diagrams, often known as kinship charts, show how people are related. Similar to a family tree chart or a pedigree chart, you can use a kinship diagram to display your history; however, anthropologists use kinship charts to swiftly draw out ties as they interview people and to present a culture's kinship pattern without presenting specific names.

2. The Benefits of Kinship Chart

As for the benefits of the kinship chart, there are listed below:
- The relationships within a lineal family are depicted in this figure. This avoids the possibility of misinterpretation among Kinship chart readers.
- Future generations are guided by kinship in terms of the clan's religious ties.
- Kinship charts have the capacity to remind each family member of their distinct responsibilities and privileges.

3. The Application of Kinship Chart

1) Blood-relationship:
This diagram is used to depict biological relationships within a single family, as indicated previously. Blood ties can be divided into two types: "Lineal" and "Collateral." The term "linear" refers to a simple relationship between immediate family members.

2) Thread for Binding:
Finally, there are Binding Threads. Every relationship is connected by a thread that runs through it.

3) Genealogy Division:
A kinship diagram can also show the division of families. The term "division" refers to the sid
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