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Home Network Diagram

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Published on 2020-10-12
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A home network diagram visually represents the arrangement of networking resources in a home. You create home network diagram when you want to identify the resources needed in getting those devices connected, how they are connected as well as their physical locations.

1. What is Home Network Diagram

A schematic design of a home network arrangement is referred to as a home network diagram. It assists you in planning your home network and determining the optimum configuration for it. Home network diagrams, on the other hand, are also utilized in network documentation.

The majority of network layouts are variations on a few standard network architectures. We'll look at some of the most typical network diagrams in this article. We'll start with the most basic home network diagram and work our way up to a full-fledged home network.

2. The Pros & Cons of Home Network Diagram

1) The Pros of Home Network Diagram:
This basic network setup can work for you if you reside in a small house with a restricted number of devices. It's quite easy to set up because you don't need to acquire any network equipment.

2) The Cons of Home Network Diagram:
You might believe that looking at this network diagram is all you need. I can use a network cable to connect my computer(s) and printer, as well as wirelessly link my mobile phones and/or laptops. However, there is a significant disadvantage to this design. The router should be placed near the point where your internet connection enters your home. This is usually kept hidden in a utility room or garage. Because the wireless network range is limited, this arrangement is unlikely to provide a reliable wireless network connection.

3. How to Create Home Network Diagram

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