Computer Ethics Timeline
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Computer Ethics Timeline

First computer was builtComputer Ethics being studied by Professor Norbet Wiener in MIT and he develop ICT (information and communication technologyEarly 1940sFirst hard-drive disk was builtWiener published his monumental book, The Human Use of Human Beings. 1950sDonn Parker began to examine unethical and illegal use of computersParker publishes "Rules of ethics in Information Processing" in Communcations of the ACMJoseph Weizenbaum, created a computer program called ELIZA1960sWalter Maner began to use the term "Computer Ethics".Maner generated much interest in university-level computer ethics courses by offered a variety of workshops and lectures at conferences across America. Many computer courses were put in place because of him and several important scholars were attracted into the fields.1970sThe communication still using emails messages where short and contained only textJames Moor published his infuential article "What is Computer Ethics?"1980sThere are relatively few cellphonesBynum and Maner convened the first global multidisciplinary conference on computer ethics.Simon Rogerson established the Centre for Computing and Social ResponsibilityThe beginning of a second generation of Computer Ethics1990sFirst online social networking site which is classmates.com1995Myspace founded2003Twitter was founded2006Instagram was launched2010Approximately five billion worldwide of cell phone2011Professor Norbet WienerDonn ParkerJospeh WeizenbaumWalter ManerJames MoorSimon RogersonMyspaceCell phone
publish time: 2020-10-26
Sofea Aini

Here is a timeline example of computer ethics history, computer ethics is a part of practical philosophy concerned with how computing professionals should make decisions regarding professional and social conduct.

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