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UML Object Diagram

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Published on 2020-12-29
1. Introduction

This is an example UML object diagram for system checking. From this example, the client James goes through the student checking and student saving accordingly. We discovered a similar denominator across all the software engineers we spoke with: no one like writing documentation. When it comes to onboarding staff or referencing source code during implementation, UML diagrams are extremely useful, but they soon become outdated and require hours to create—unless you utilize a UML diagram tool like EdrawMax.

2. What is UML Object Diagram

In the Unified Modeling Language (UML), an object diagram is a diagram that depicts a complete or partial view of the structure of a modeled system at a given point in time.

An object diagram in the Unified Modeling Language (UML) focuses on a specific set of objects and attributes, as well as the relationships between them. A correlated set of object diagrams can be used to predict how an arbitrary representation of a system will evolve over time.

3. How to Create a UML Object Diagram

​​Creating a UML Diagram in EdrawMax Online is pretty simple. The free UML Diagram maker has several features, like directly importing the data from the .csv file or creating one from scratch using free templates.

Step 1: Login EdrawMax Online
Log in EdrawMax Online using your registered email address. If this is your first time accessing the tool, you can create your personalized account from your personal or professional email address.

Step 2: Choose a template
EdrawMax Online comes with hundreds of free UML diagram templates. Select a pre-designed template from the product based on your preference or need by selecting the ""UML Modeling"" on the left navigation pane. It will open up several UML Diagram types, like class diagram, activity diagram, and more. Alternatively, press ""+"" in EdrawMax Online canvas to create a UML Diagram from scratch.

Step 3: Customize the diagram
Customize your UML diagram by changing the symbols and shapes as required. With the easy drag-and-drop feature of EdrawMax Online, you can use all the relative elements from libraries.

Step 4: Export & Share
Once your UML diagram is completed, you can share it amongst your colleagues or clients using the easy export and share option. You can export a UML Diagram in multiple formats, like Graphics, JPEG, PDF, or HTML. Also, you can share the designs on different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Line."
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