Science Chpater 4 Graphic Organizer

Science Chpater 4 Graphic Organizer

Chapter 4Ionic CompoundsBinary CompoundsMore CompoundsMolecular CompoundEquationsIonic Compound- Compound composed of oppositely charged ions-Forms between oppositely charged ions creating a neutral compound-Solid at room temperature/ exist inc crystal lattice-Contains the name of the cation followed by anionBinary Compound- are composed of a metal cation and non-metal anion.-Part that represents anion ends with the suffix -ide(sulphate-sulphide)-The sum of positive and negative ions must equal zero-charge of each atom represents the number of electrons it must gain or lose- subscript used in compounds indicate the ratio of ions needed to make sum 0multivalent metals- metals with more than one ion charge-roman numeral is used to indicate ion formTernary Ionic Compounds- compound composed of three different elementsPolyatomic Ion- is an ion composed of more than one atom. Molecular Compound- forms when atoms share electrons in a covalent bond.-Electrons are not transferred but instead shared.Molecule - composed of two or more atoms of the same element joined by a covalent bond.-prefixes are used to indicate the number of atoms of each element. -In the chemical formula, subscripts correspond to the prefixesin the name of the compound.chemical equation a representation of what happens to the reactants and products during a chemical change-can be represented in a word equation, skeletal equation, or balanced equationLaw Of Conservation Of Mass- In a chemical reaction, the products' total mass is always the same as the total mass of the reactants.The coefficient a number that is placed in front of a chemical formula in a balanced chemical equationChapter 4 Graphic Organizer
publish time: 2020-12-31

This is an example of graphic organizer for showing the science text chapter 4, from which it lists the 5 compounds.

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