Deliberations and Decisions Matrix
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Deliberations and Decisions Matrix

NewCurrentNewCurrent#1 ChoiceBe sure we have fully mined the potential of the customer base and current market segments: We have the greatest familiarity and brand recognition right hereMarket Penetration Strategy#2 ChoiceTake new products and services to our existing customer base, they know us, trust us, and are most likely to consider additional offerings.Product/Service Development Strategy#4 ChoiceThe most difficuly: Taking products or services newly developed, new to our people into market that are also new to us, where we probably have little brand recognition or established distribution channelsDiversification Strategy#3 ChoiceTaking current products/services to new markets or customer groups: We know the products and services, how to present them, where they are appropriate, etc. Market Development StrategyDeliberations and Decisions Matrix
publish time: 2021-01-12

Here is an example of a deliberations and decisions matrix chart. Matrix diagrams are commonly used by project managers handling projects with a multitude of processes and people that require managing. It helps with understanding the relationships between each element or data set.

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