Systems Evaluation Affinity Diagram
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Systems Evaluation Affinity Diagram

PerformanceThrust requirementsFlight EnvelopeEmpty WeightPayloadRangeEnvironmentReduce LTONoiseReduce NOxEmissionsReduce Fuel/EnergyConsumptionRegulatoryCompliance of MaterialsCostAcquisitionOperationalMaintenanceOperationsEase ofmaintenanceSafetyReliabilityAvailabilityTrainingSystems Evaluation Affinity Diagram
publish time: 2021-01-13

Here is an example of a system evaluation affinity diagram. Affinity diagrams are used to organize a set of data or information based on their relationship to each other. This is normally done during the brainstorming phase of a project. Once ideas are grouped by themes, it will be easier for participants to draw connections between them, identify potential problems and solutions to them.

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