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Data Flow Diagram

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Published on 2021-01-14
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1. Introduction

Here is a bookstore information flowchart, from which you can see how the customers purchase the books in a book store. The flowchart is the visual representation of a sequence of steps that is widely used in a manufacturing process or computer program. It's very helpful in writing programs and facilitates communication between computer programmers and business managers. People usually use it to understand the logic of complicated problems.

2. What is Data Flow Diagram

A data-flow diagram is a visual representation of data flowing through a system or a process. The DFD also includes information on each entity's outputs and inputs, as well as the process itself. There are no decision rules or loops in a data-flow diagram, hence there is no control flow. A flowchart can be used to represent specific operations based on data.

3. Tips for Data Flow Diagram

- There should be at least one input and one output for each procedure.
- There should be at least one data flow in and one data flow out for each data store.
- A process must be followed when data is saved in a system.
- In a DFD, every process leads to another process or a data storage.

3. How to Create a Data Flow Diagram

Step 1: Define the procedure that will be depicted in a diagram. At the top of the work surface, write the title.

Step 2: Discuss and decide on the process's boundaries: When and where does the process begin? When or where will it come to an end? Discuss the level of detail that should be included in the diagram and make a decision.

Step 3: Make a list of the activities that will take place. Each one should be written on a card or a sticky note. Arrange the activities in the correct order.

Step 4: Draw arrows to depict the flow of the process once all activities have been included and everyone agrees on the sequence.

Step 5: Check the flowchart with those involved in the process (employees, supervisors, suppliers, and customers) to verify if they agree that it is drawn correctly."
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Data Flow Diagram
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