Feedback Business Process
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Feedback Business Process

Feedback Business Process

Evaluate inputs and outputs

Your inputs are all the resources for your company such as materials, knowledge and human types, whereas outputs are deployed to cut down on the extended use of your potential resources.

Asking for feedback

Poll your employees to identify needs or procedures’ description or ask your customers for their opinion. Do they feel that something is missing from your operational business processes?

Make your process analysis

Continue with analysing your processes. Check the potential risks, such as extra taxes or capital costs. Moreover, think if you are producing your product/ service with the minimum cost in the minimum time.

Analyze your results

Measure data before starting operational business processes’ implementation and analyse the results. Are you satisfied enough with the results?

Operational Business Process





Company A /Janice

publish time: 2021-02-24

Four steps help you comprehend feedback business process.The first evaluate inputs and outputs.Then ,asking for feedback.The third is to make your process analysis.The last one is to analyze your results.Check more details from this diagram, or learn more from this templates gallery.

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